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Plan your cycle journey in the UK

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Types of Bikes

Nowadays, bicycles are suitable for any way of travelling. Whether you choose to have a tour around your country, or head to work every day, you'll find a perfect bike. Maybe you wish to go into the mountains or participate in the Tour de France race? Then check out the fabulous mountain or racing bicycles, which will serve you for a very long time. So, you‘ve decided to get a bicycle, but there is a great number of different shapes and styles of bikes and you got lost in making your choice? Don‘t worry and read about types of bicycles, more

Racing bicycles

Do you feel yourself as a professional cyclist? Then racing bicycles is just for you. These are sports bikes, used only for rides on a highway or in the stadiums. They are not applied for trips to the...

Why you should cycle?

homeThe first references to nowadays bicycles appeared in Babylonia and ancient Egypt long time ago. Already then, people wanted to travel by themselves, without help of the domestic animals, but much faster than by feet.

Of course, nowadays in a fast-living world we don’t travel with carriage drawn by horses, by feet and we rarely cycle to work, even if it’s few kilometers away from our home. We choose to drive a car and to get to destination with comfort and as fast as possible. Where are we running now? Let’s make a pleasant morning trip to work by cycling instead of standing in the traffic jam.

Moreover, bicycles don’t pollute environment at all, whereas any motorized vehicle does. So, if you care about the environment in which you live, then choose to cycle.

Furthermore, save your money by cycling. Bicycles cost less than cars or motorcycles and they don’t require so much expense later: you don’t need to buy fuel, it doesn’t break so often. Just try to calculate how much you spend for your car per month and that will be the sum you could save, if you choose to pedal.

Wanna be fit and healthy? You already know the answer to this question and the method to achieve that goal is cycling. It has a considerable relaxing effect due to its uniform, cyclic movement which stabilizes the physical and emotional functions of the body.  This workout is especially good for our heart and vascular system. Cycling a bicycle strengthens our main body engine - the heart.

Cycling pedals also decreases adipose tissue, saves from stress, makes better absorption of oxygen, strengthens lower body muscles, and improves endurance.

It is advisable to choose a bike for people who are overweight. This tool will not only help you burn unnecessary calories, but also speed up the metabolism, which determines the body weight. It’s worth to mention, that cycling is not as harmful to our joints as running. So, people with overweight should choose to cycle instead of running or walking. Also, cycling is less strain on the heart than running, skiing or ride roller skating.

Cycling is suitable for people, who are suffering from stress, tension, anxiety.172798107 A stay in the fresh air helps the body to absorb oxygen, and beautiful environment will help you to get rid of bad thoughts, you’ll feel relaxed. It has been proved, that the stress hormone produced by the human body, can be suppressed only by physical strain, so spend some time on the bike and you‘ll feel not only a flow of energy, but also emotional stability.

So, if you don’t have a bicycle, it’s time to get one. Make your day wonderful with a trip to work on a bicycle, enjoy cycling on the routes of forest with your family, or have a bicycle tour with your friends around your homeland. All in all, there are no disadvantages or negative effects of cycling. So, why you’re not on a bicycle?

TOP 10 Brands


Trek is currently the most popular American bicycle brand. This corporation owns the Trek, Fisher, Diamant and Villiger bicycle brands, along with Bontrager apparel. Trek has many choices of road, mountain, hybrid and kid‘s bicycles which are reasonably priced. Trek’s price range is £200-£9000. The pride of Trek is the Madone bicycle. Many pro riders in mountain and road categories choose Trek, as its quality evaluated from mid-range to high-end. more

TOP 10 Brands


Giant presents itself as the biggest bicycle manufacturers of all. It builds bikes not only on its own brand but for other brands as well. It’s the Taiwan nation's leading supplier of dirt-track racing, or bicycle motocross "BMX," bicycles and one of the biggest sellers of adult mountain bikes, as well as over 4,500 different parts and accessories. They introduced the first affordable carbon fiber bike, the Cadex 980 C, and transformed high-performance road bikes with Total Compact Road design. In mountain biking, Giant’s Maestro Susp more

TOP 10 Brands


American Elite company is quite young, comparing to the other most popular brands, but it gained riders’ confidence very fast. It’s famous for handmade race and mountain bicycles, which are crafted from Edge Composites carbon (the highest rated lightweight aluminium in the world) and the highest quality tubing. The price of Elite bicycles is competitive with larger bike manufacturers. By combining top frame designs, materials, welders, painters, and components, Elite builds bicycles that demonstrate maximum performance and value for e more

TOP 10 Brands


American Specialized brand claims to be the first mass produced mountain bikes. Further, it has expanded into all other categories: road, racing, hybrid, touring, and even electric assist bicycles. Specialized represents carbon bicycles of a high quality, before they make you one with the bike, they make a lab-test on it. So, be sure you’ll get one of the best bikes. more

TOP 10 Brands


Schwinn Bicycles is an American company with a long history that fell on hard times in the 1980's. However, recently, mid-level Schwinn bikes are gaining customer’s trust again, and in the bike shops you can find the well regarded tailwind Schwinn electric bicycle and others. If you’re searching bikes for leisure and family recreation, you won’t find better than Schwinn bicycles. Moreover, their price is very attractive. more

TOP 10 Brands


Raleigh Bicycles are known for over 100 years, to be more precise, this British company was established in 1887. It’s the only bike brand listed in the UK's Superbrands list. Raleigh has been creating market-leading bikes in Nottingham. Over the years, many Raleigh brand models have caught the attention of the public including children’s bikes the Raleigh Chopper, the Burner, and the Grifter, , and their cutting-edge adult bikes like the Lizard and the Activator. Every Raleigh bike has a special level of quality and attention to detai more

TOP 10 Brands


For a high performance you can find Mongoose bikes in special bicycle stores, whereas Mongoose bikes in a department store are released for mass production. This American company is known as aggressive brand that produces durable products built for real riders. It specializes in Mountain bicycles BMX and Street bikes and it became more famous due to MotoMags wheels which are produced from cast magnesium. You might also hear about SCHMICK bikes, which are proud of Mongoose. You have a great imagination of what you can do on a bicycle? Mong more

TOP 10 Brands


Joe Montgomery founded Cannondale Bicycles in a little shop above a pickle factory in Wilton, Connecticut. It was the first company to market the now increasingly popular bicycle trailer. Nowadays, Cannondale brand is owned by Dorel Industries, which primarily manufactures bicycles in Taiwan and China. Cannondale Bicycles gained a reputation for being innovative and cutting edge with the introduction of their revolutionary handcrafted aluminum frames. They are light and more flex-resistant. Cannondale have branched out into producing high more

TOP 10 Brands


Japan's Fuji Bicycle brand was born in 1899. The market shift devastated the original company, which was later bought out by Advanced Sport, an American company that was later purchased by a Taiwan investor. The Fuji brand name still exists today with many models in the road, comfort, and mountain categories. Their main specialization is road bikes. To conquer a mountain, ride a Fuji bicycle. more

TOP 10 Brands


This is an Italian Company with exclusive division in the USA. Bianchi exists over 100 years and has a great reputation. Bianchi markets itself on the long association with past and present cycling champions to position itself as a leader in innovation, exclusiveness, quality, design and passion. The Bianchi brand is excellent at road and race bicycles. Also, Bianchi produces other types of bicycles: mountain, hybrid, bicycles for kids, etc. Bianchi bicycles help to reach success and records. Feel free on a Bianchi bike! more